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                                                    GRAPHENE COATINGS

 One Yr Coating


        Compact cars               Full Size Cars / Trucks             Small Suv/ Vans              Surbans Lg Trucks   

             $ 120.00                               $ 200.00                                 $200.00                               $ 250.00


Two Yr Coating


               $ 220.00                              $ 300.00                                  $300.00                            $ 400.00



This process includes washing the whole vehicle, decontaminate your vehicle, clay bar if needed, one step or two step paint correction and installing the coating. This will take from 3 to 5 hrs to compete





Graphene-the lightest, thinnest and strongest substance know to man. Using graphene brings pro-level paint correction, shine and protection to any vehicle. By beging 200 times sronger than steel and forming a tighter web of relentless protection when applied. By dispersing heat and protecting your paintwork against harmful UV rays. By cdreating slickenss levels that reach unprecedented level. With water ddroplets that bead, dare we say roll off the car and by keeping the surace cleaner for longer, and eaisier to maitain.


As in any coating over time it will wear away so said we recommend that once you get the coating we will put you on a maintance list so that every three months you can some in and get a car wash and a graphene topper this will keep your vehicle in to shape and will expend the life of the coating. 


the cost of this will be  $25.00 for compact vehicles and $35.00 for full size and vans and $45.00 for the large vehicles by duing this maintance in our Texas weather your coating will last two to three time longer. 


If you have any question please call us at 254-856-5311 or stop by out business 





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