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New Car Protection


As vehicles prices go up and the car companies cut back on the clear coat the protects the paint it more inportant than ever to protect.


Once you have your vehicle protected you have a choice to become a member this will help to keep up the protection





Hand wash exterior


Claybar painted surfaces


Apply the latest graphene coating or a ceramic coating your choice   


Vacuum all upholstery ( removing any stains)


Wipe down all interior panels 


Apply a graphine interior coating


Apply Scotchguard to seats,floors,floormats 


Clean and put a ceramic coating on your leather seats 


Treat windsheild with a ceramic coating





Compact cars             Full size cars/trucks /Vans     Surbans/Trucks


    $ 300.00                           $ 450.00                                  $ 550.00



After this procerss and you choose to become a member the cost will be only $ 30.00 a month.







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